Management Services

Apartment Management Services

Hammond Residential Group ranks among the most respected fee-management participants in the competitive Southeastern multifamily marketplace.

Specializing exclusively in third-party fee management, HRG stands apart from owner-manager companies who direct the day-to-day operations of their own assets, while simultaneously overseeing the assets of others. lnstinctively, owner-managers may place the needs of their own properties, or even larger fee clients, ahead of smaller clients.

As market forces ebb and flow, each unique property deserves the individual oversight that can only be provided by a company with an intimate day-to-day understanding of the needs of the asset. Without cumbersome layers of management and the distractions of multiple obligations faced by owner-managers, Hammond Residential Group is always on-point to make informed decisions on important matters. Our approach makes each of the properties in our care a 100% top-priority. So, when people ask us the question "which of your properties is the most important?" our answer comes easily ..."all of them!"

We owe our success to being totally focused on employing these fundamental elements of successful property management.

  • Maintain an unbroken line of communication with owners and investors
  • Nurture a sense of motivation, pride, accomplishment in top-notch teams
  • Discuss and set attainable goals; build realistic pro formas
  • Focus on the real value of the market
  • Produce an excellent financial package
  • Aspire to turn 0 assets into B's, and B assets into B+'s
  • New construction from the ground up
  • Conventional assets
  • A class through C class
  • Throughout the Southeastern United States
    • Georgia
    • Florida
    • Alabama
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Mississippi
  • New development
  • Lease-Up
  • Construction
  • Receivership
  • Foreclosure
  • REO
  • Buying Power
  • Due Dilligence
Apartment Management Services

Our approach makes each of the properties in our care a 100% top-priority.