Management Services

It's been said that property management is a business that is easy to understand, but hard to implement.

Hammond Residential Group possesses a skill set of tools, relying heavily on good old-fashioned planning, to insure the implementation of operational procedures, marketing initiatives, and monthly strategies.

We believe that companies who lose sight of the day-to-day management of each and every onsite employee are missing the fundamental elements needed for the successful management of the asset.

Private and institutional partners value HRG's ability to understand what ownership envisions for their assets, and expects from their management company. Hammond Residential listens with intent, makes a plan and then takes action with a sense of urgency and ownership.

We are a company founded and managed daily on the credo that we don't manage projects as much as we manage relationships relationships with our associates, our suppliers and always, our client partners.

HRG believes and understands that even with all the management tools available today, there is nothing that replaces the unique ability to understand the perspective and mission of each real estate developer and owner, and balance these points of view to the benefit of the asset.

HRG doesn't just put our promises in a sales presentation, we put them into practice.

Due Diligence Services

Initial Due Diligence

  • Provide a comprehensive and professionally prepared report with photos
  • Prepare operating budgets
  • Compile competitive market analysis
  • Submit suggested major capital expenditures and amenity improvements with budgets plans
  • Evaluate competitive value-add upgrades
  • Perform a complete file audit to verify the integrity of the data in the computer, resident files, and the integrity of LlHTC and HUD compliance (if applicable)
  • Review vendor expenses, ancillary income and utilities for potential NOI growth
  • Conduct a unit-by-unit inspection with complete list of apartments, and the mechanical condition and replacement/repair needs for each unit

Meticulous Accounting

Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients is our highest priority. Money management is handled at HRG through its corporate finance department, utilizing the Yardi software management system. GAAP standards formulas provide for the smooth, efficient day-to-day operations of multiple apartment communities. Safeguards and strict accounting procedures are mandatory.

Financial Reporting

HRG produces high quality, detailed, monthly owner's financial and property status reports. Our Yardi application programs and our staffs are well-equipped to meet any additional reporting requirements customized to the needs of each individual asset.

Monthly owner's reports are distributed on the fifteenth (15th) of each month. The reports are prepared and completed by the accounting team, then submitted to the Corporate Office for review.

  • Comprehensive reporting package
  • Cash or accrual capability
  • Graph options offer multiple data visualization choices
  • Accurate and consistent reporting prepared with GAAP standards

Leasing and Marketing Assessment

HRG's strategic positioning of a community starts with an in-depth marketing assessment. We have established a detailed internal and external assessment program to assist and insure that the asset is utilizing every resource available to successfully position the property and market it to the surrounding community.

Additional services

  • Professional and competently developed SEO website
  • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan for LlHTC properties
  • Lease up services
  • Referral to tax appeal services
  • Referral to property insurance services
Management Services

HRG doesn't just put our promises in a sales presentation, we put them into practice.